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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients are saying about us.

The staff at Quinn Eye Center was wonderful to work with when my daughter decided to switch from glasses to contacts. Steve helped her with learning to insert them and he was so patient. It took her many tries before succeeding, and all the while, Steve kept encouraging her and giving her helpful pointers. I couldn't be more appreciative.

Debbie D

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr. Quinn when I first moved to Gainesville over 10 years ago. Several years ago during a routine eye exam Dr. Quinn noticed what turned out to be the beginning of a detached retina. The surgeon that repaired my eye said " less than 10% of the doctors in the country would have detected this in a routine exam". I always knew he was good, but since that day, I have never even considered trusting my eyes to anyone else. Everyone at Quinn Eye Center is always very professional, friendly, helpful, and they treat me and my wife like family. This to me means everything in a day and age, where service often times seems to be a lost art.

David R.

I became a patient of Dr. Quinn’s over five years ago when he diagnosed me with iritis. Since then, he has provided me with exceptional eye care. I could not have found a better Doctor! He is a Doctor who truly cares for his patients, takes the time to thoroughly explain things, calls to check on you and goes above and beyond for you. At Quinn Eye Center you’ll find that everyone is extremely friendly, courteous and always happy to help. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Quinn and his staff for the utmost care that they have always given me.

Vanessa A.

Patient Testimonials Dr. Quinn, I am 68 years old. Over the years I have had a number of eye examinations. They were always the same and always for the sole purpose of fitting me with glasses. Your examination was totally different. For the first time I felt as though I received a complete medical examination of my eyes. For me, you are a Doctor of Optometry. Thank you for being concerned enough to take the time to do a complete examination.

Bob H.

My experience with Quinn Eye Center has been excellent. I trust my vision to Dr. Quinn and his highly qualified staff. Last July Dr. Quinn diagnosed a retina tear in my eye and he took immediate action which resulted in saving the vision in my right eye. I am extremely appreciative of Dr. Quinn and would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank You.

Dan G.

My husband has been through a serious journey with a detached retina and complications since 2008. Thanks to Dr. Quinn, we have been able to navigate my husband’s tragic journey. There have been many surgeries – a dozen specialists from Mayo Clinic to Boston, MA. As a wife I have been concerned, frightened, & unsure how be there for my husband. Dr. Quinn has not only coordinated and explained the necessary medical care, but has been a great source of support to both of us.

Lisa M.