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The mission of our Gainesville eye center is to provide our patients with state-of-the-art eye care using the most advanced diagnostic technology currently available. We are committed to providing our patients with first-class, reliable service and high quality eyewear at competitive prices. We specialize in:

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What if we had a choice? If an eye disease was an inevitable part of your life, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick which disease you had? If you could, you would want to pick cataracts. Today, cataract surgery can not only remedy the disease but it can make your eye sight better than it ever was before. Thanks to outstanding diagnostic instruments, eye care professionals can pick the exact power lens to put in your eye. Not only does the surgery rid you of a cloudy lens, you may no longer have a problem seeing distance or near. While these lenses are not without some limitations, for the proper patient, there are several lens types that provide very functional distance and near vision without spectacles. Approximately 90% of people achieve 20/40 vision or better following cataract surgery. Now you say, “I like the new lens part, but surgery on the eye is scary.” Yes, it can be. Cataract extraction is the most common eye surgery performed, and that is largely due to the high prevalence of cataract disease. Fortunately, there is a laser that takes care of three of the five steps involved in cataract surgery. This laser makes the surgery safer and more predictable. So, if you are granted the wish to pick your eye disease, pick cataracts because treatment may have you seeing better than ever before. Quinn Eye Center has the experience and equipment necessary to diagnose cataracts in our Humble office. For more information and an evaluation, please schedule an appointment with your eye care provider and we will be in touch with you shortly. Guest post by Jim Owen, OD, FAAO of Vision Source-Encinitas Optometry in Encinitas, CA.
One can never overstate the importance of having regular eye exams to encourage both healthy eyes and good vision. The lack of either one could result in other health problems, such as headaches from eyestrain, for example, or the development of certain adult eye diseases.
Our office provides LASIK eye exams and co-management services. LASIK vision correction surgically corrects common vision problems such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), and astigmatism. To determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, your eye doctor will perform a preliminary exam. Once you decide to go forward with LASIK, he or she will tell you how to prepare for the surgery, what to expect during the procedure, and the steps that you should take during your recovery.